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About Us

NACOPRW So-Cal is comprised of a dedicated group of Puerto Rican women who strive to maintain and promote cultural traditions of Puerto Rican families in the Southern California Region. A major emphasis is placed on mentoring young Latinas so they achieve their professional goals.

NACOPRW So-Cal's Purpose and Goals

The NACOPRW-SoCal chapter strives to:
  1. Educate Puerto Rican and other Hispanic women of their rights; identify and develop leadership skills as a way to enhance their status as members of our society.
  2. Assist its membership in taking responsibility for the development and maintenance of their Puerto Rican heritage by providing networking opportunities, enrichment activities and a supportive atmosphere.
  3. Organize educational, social, and cultural events to: disseminate, promote and increase community awareness of the Puerto Rican culture (including but not limited to its manifestations in the arts, literature, economy, government, traditions, education, sports, history, geography, language); establish and maintain ties with other Puerto Ricans to maintain our ethnic identity; preserve and promote the use of the Spanish language as an essential part of our cultural heritage.
  4. Provide unity, and cohesiveness within the Puerto Rican communities; develop awareness of our contribution to the welfare of the community.
  5. Collaborate with other organizations, foster close ties among NACOPRW chapters, and establish a network for the accomplishment of our purpose and goals.
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