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Dear Boricuas in California,


The National Conference of Puerto Rican Women, SoCal chapter ( are primarily located in Orange County, but have members in Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside. We are part of a nationwide network of chapters in 9 States and have been working, as you have, to try to help Puerto Rico. The SoCal chapter members have engaged in the following efforts:


1) Begun a campaign reaching out to other CA Puerto Rican organizations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento to work collaboratively and  pressure the governor  of California to make a significant donation and send help to Puerto Rico (as was done in New York)  


2) Engaged in a letter campaign to have Senators from California urge Congress to send more help to Puerto Rico. 


3) Joined online petitions to get the hospital ship to Puerto Rico through (a success)!

4) Made personal donations from members directly to the unidosporpuertorico, Puerto Rico Red Cross and other agencies.

5) Established a meeting with members to raise more funds and direct them to the municipalities in PR

6) Researched best locations to donate..i.e. via mayor of San Juan

7) Collected donation funds through various means (fundraisers, colleagues at work, crowd funding, rummage sales, etc.) and sent them to the most needed locations. 

8) Participated in LA and Orange restaurant fundraiser for collection if goods and dollars through LA PR in Action.


En solidaridad con Puerto Rico,


The NACOPRW-SoCal Board

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