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Your contribution is put to work in three main areas: scholarships for young Hispanic women of Southern California, supporting charities, and helping Puerto Rico in any way we can.

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Our Mission

Preserving our heritage and rights through mentorship and leadership for a better tomorrow.

NACOPRW is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization seeking to promote the full participation of Puerto Rican and other Hispanic women in the social, economic and political life in the United States. The Southern California Chapter (SoCal) achieves this by educating, developing leadership among Puerto Rican women and providing role models for our youth and our community.

NACOPRW-SoCal celebrates what unites all of us: our love and respect for Puerto Rico, its traditions and people.


Join Us!

Join our amazing group of Puerto Rican women who thrive by celebrating our culture, and helping our communities.

Fill out the membership form.

Message from the President

Gloria San Miguel

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