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NACOPRW-SoCal Committees
  • Activities Committee: This committee, chaired by the First Vice-President, is responsible for developing and coordinating all necessary activities associated with the different events.

  • Membership/Correspondence Committee: This committee, chaired by the Secretary, assists with the recruitment of members, in preparing mail/communications, and delivering communication.

  • Finance/Ways and Means Committee: This committee, chaired by the Treasurer, develops ways and means of obtaining donations, financial sponsoring, selling advertisements or merchandise, and coordinating any other fundraising activities approved by the Executive Board.

  • Public Relations Committee: This committee, chaired by the Second Vice-President, is responsible for networking, developing and fostering organizational image within the community.

  • Newsletter Committee: This committee, chaired by the Second Vice-President, is responsible for managing and creating our newsletter "Nuestras Voces."

We Can Make a Difference

We believe a group of women, when united to do good, can make a powerful difference. We also believe a group of Puerto Rican women will always manage to make if fun.


We gather in homes and community venues to engage in raising funds and awareness for a variety of causes. Some of these have become annual events, while others have been impromptu opportunities. Some of the annual events are:


Orgullo Boricua- Always occuring around Mother's Day, this award is given to a Puerto Rican woman who demonstrates an ongoing commitment in furthering the lives of her community. Past recipients are: Esmeralda Santiago (2001, 2004), Daniel Rodríguez (2003), Jacobo Morales/NACOPRW-SoCal Boricua Award (2000, 2005),Emma Colón Zayas/NACOPRW-SoCal Boricua Award (2006), Sylvia Méndez/NACOPRW-SoCal Boricua Award (2006), Dr. Mildred García, CSU President (2008 CSUDH, 2013 CSUF 2013), Johnny Polanco (2009, 2010), Miluka Rivera (2011, 2012), Giselle Blondet (2014). 


De Mujer a Mujercita- This event is a mentoring seminar for Latina teens with their mothers.


Latina Scholarship Fund- Each year NACOPRW awards a young Latina with a scholarship. Past recipients are available in our archive. Click here to view.


Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's Race for the Cure


Cultural Events-

Pastelada and Parrandas Navideñas 


Click for Past Events Archive
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