NACOPRW-SoCal Committees
  • Activities Committee: This committee, chaired by the First Vice-President, is responsible for developing and coordinating all necessary activities associated with the different events.

  • Membership/Correspondence Committee: This committee, chaired by the Secretary, assists with the recruitment of members, in preparing mail/communications, and delivering communication.

  • Finance/Ways and Means Committee: This committee, chaired by the Treasurer, develops ways and means of obtaining donations, financial sponsoring, selling advertisements or merchandise, and coordinating any other fundraising activities approved by the Executive Board.

  • Public Relations Committee: This committee, chaired by the Second Vice-President, is responsible for networking, developing and fostering organizational image within the community.

  • Youth Leadership Group/Committee: The Youth Leadership Group is comprised of minors seven to seventeen (7-17) years of age sponsored by a family member in SoCal. The Youth Leadership Group commits to the purpose and goals of the chapter, and is actively involved in the organization as appropriate. The purpose of the group is to pass on to the younger generation the knowledge and pride of our Puerto Rican heritage within the context of a group of peers. The Youth Group was inactivated in 2004. If a minimum of 5 participants commit to it in the future, it will be re-activated.

We Can Make a Difference

We believe a group of women, when united to do good, can make a powerful difference. We also believe a group of Puerto Rican women will always manage to make if fun.


We gather in homes and community venues to engage in raising funds and awareness for a variety of causes. Some of these have become annual events, while others have been impromptu opportunities. Some of the annual events are:


Orgullo Boricua- Always occuring around Mother's Day, this award is given to a Puerto Rican woman who demonstrates an ongoing commitment in furthering the lives of her community. Past recipients are: Esmeralda Santiago (2001, 2004), Daniel Rodríguez (2003), Jacobo Morales/NACOPRW-SoCal Boricua Award (2000, 2005),Emma Colón Zayas/NACOPRW-SoCal Boricua Award (2006), Sylvia Méndez/NACOPRW-SoCal Boricua Award (2006), Dr. Mildred García, CSU President (2008 CSUDH, 2013 CSUF 2013), Johnny Polanco (2009, 2010), Miluka Rivera (2011, 2012), Giselle Blondet (2014). 


De Mujer a Mujercita- This event is a mentoring seminar for Latina teens with their mothers.


Latina Scholarship Fund- Each year NACOPRW awards a young Latina with a scholarship. Past recipients are available in our archive. Click here to view.


Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's Race for the Cure


Cultural Events-

Pastelada and Parrandas Navideñas 


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